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Welcome to Millefiori Magic!

Millefiori means, "a thousand flowers". Millefiori is made in Italy by artisans who for generations have created beautiful glass flowers.  It is prized for fusing and beadmaking.

Millefiori Plates

Ceramic molds have been designed to help you create beautiful millefiori pendants, pins, rings, bracelets and earrings.  Presently there are 13 jewelry molds that range from crosses to hearts, circles and oval sets, to a teardrop and a near oval set.

There are clear Effetre shapes that have been pre-cut to fit on top of the millefiori in the molds to magnify and enhance the look of the millefiori and to help the jewelry piece maintain its shape.

Now you may make professional looking fused millefiori jewelry quick and easy with the ceramic jewelry molds and clear Effetre cover sheets.